Saturday, October 9, 2010

The blank page

People keep telling me to write a blog. Well, here it is. Now the question is what to write. My kids provide plenty of material; then again, so does my family. Unfortunately the latter might prefer it if I left their stuff unpublished while the former doesn't know the difference. Hmmmm.... I've always promised myself, and my friends, that I wouldn't become one of those people who talks about her children incessantly. Which begs the question: does blogging about them amount to the same thing?

Truth be told I need an outlet and writing seems to be the ideal thing for me. Of course starting with a blank page and no real theme for this blog other than the fact that I am EXHAUSTED most of the time doesn't give me much direction...and too much leeway. The blank page is just the worst. So here I am filling it up with words that don't really amount to anything.

Wait, I think I'm on to a life! Lately, it seems like my life is a bunch of stuff that amounts to very little. Don't get me wrong - I have much to be grateful for: a loving, hard-working husband, two beautiful three-year-old girls, a roof over my head and many people who care about us. But somewhere along the line I've lost myself. Moms, are you with me?! Life stopped being about me - or even us two when it was just DH and me - and now is all about them. So maybe that's it...maybe this is going to be a blog about self-exploration and a journey back to a recognizable me.

I can fill it with cute stories about my kids (I'm unbelievably proud of them) and even some not-so-cute ones (they aren't perfect). I may throw a pity party or two but what a great place to do it. If you don't want to hear about it .... log off. What I will try not to do is embarrass or disrespect anyone. I will not use this as a forum to complain about matter how crazy they make me. I'll write about projects that I'm working on and share my moods. I am hoping that by doing this I'll feel a little more of a sense of control about my life. This blog will be the thing that I'm doing for me! (OOH, now I have a title for my next entry.....).

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